Apply by API

Most of all, we’re looking for creativity and enthusiasm. We're building a team with complementary skillsets, so we're interested in your main areas of focus (not a checklist on a resume).  

Pleast hit our API to apply. Extra credit if this is new for you -- submit a POST request to our careers endpoint with a raw JSON request body. 

Please include your background & a 3 sentence note on an investing idea you find compelling and why. If it’s private, note how you’d access it.

If you include a write-up (2 pages max), have some fun with it. Go deeper than the company’s investment presentations and the latest sellside coverage. Try the product yourself. We'll be interested in your take on both the business and the capital flows impacting the stock. Goes without saying, but no inside information on public companies.

And lastly, if you can't code or find someone who can, no worries – just email us at (Also, if you don't get an email notification from our API, drop us a note.)

  "firstName": "Warren",
  "lastName": "Buffett",
  "email": "",
  "resume": "",
  "idea": "We should invest in Coca-Cola. It’s addictive, it’s got no taste memory (I drink 5 a day), and my partner Charlie thinks they can net $0.04/serving on 3 trillion servings by 2034",
  "optional": {
	 "website": "",
	 "twitter": "@anonbuffett",
	 "writeup": ""

Who we are looking for


We're always looking for great investors who think creatively about companies’ products, teams, and investor bases.

STEM, Humanities, & Non-Traditional backgrounds are all warmly welcome to apply.


The median number of software engineers at a fundamental investment fund is 0. Your work can help us build a real edge. We also aim to be the most fun and interesting place you've ever worked.

Drop us a line if you're interested in the investing world.

Ops & IR

Ops & IR are an underrated part of every successful fund's story. They make the team jell. 

If you're looking for a place where you can contribute and grow over the long term, please reach out.


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